Proposing In Venice Wedding Proposal Photography

The winter season is a very romantic season in Italia, perhaps because of the snow that sometimes covers everything in white, or simply because of the Christmas atmosphere in the air.  For these reasons, December and the winter months are a beautiful season to propose to the loved one. Philippe also did so in early December, flying to Venice from Switzerland to ask Valeria to become his wife. Venice is a unique city in the world, romantic in every season, but in my opinion in winter it is at its peak! After organizing an unmissable gondola ride along the calm canals of Venice, passing under a bridge, Valeria found the surprise of Philippe’s proposal printed with their gigantic print! the emotion was enormous for Valeria, who naturally said yes and accepted the ring! After the great moments of joy, Valeria and Philippe ended the service by having some portraits done around Venice. Here you can see some of the photos I’ve done.

Wedding Planner : Venice-etc

Proposing In Venice Wedding Proposal Photography

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