Romantic Couple Portraits in Venice at Christmas

Elsa and Angel are  my dear Miami clients and friends whom I met for the first time in Venice on the occasion of the Renewal of the Wedding Vows which they organized in April 2016 in this beautiful city. Even with them, immediately, a beautiful relationship was born and They became great friends over the years. I then reviewed them in February 2018 on the occasion of the famous Venice Carnival (HERE the post on my blog of that photo shoot) and then also at Christmas this year, to celebrate a special birthday of Elsa! Elsa celebrated her birthday on December 31st and I on January 1st and so this year we decided to toast together with these important moments in life! Just to celebrate this special birthday, Elsa and Angel wanted a new couple photo shoot in Venice, this time more intimate and romantic than the previous ones … Needless to say, Venice is always spectacular, but during Christmas it has an almost magical atmosphere , the day of the photo shoot even more because the city was surrounded by a thick fog, really surreal! With Elsa and Angel we walked in the small streets full of lights, ate a very good ice cream (the really mild temperature of this winter allowed it ..), We stopped to observe the gondolas that take tourists around the canals, and then We went to make a nice toast in Piazza San Marco! We shared some beautiful moments, many hugs and smiles! and these are the things I love most about my job! Thanks my friends for everything !! Hope to see you soon in Miami as I promised !

These are words Elsa and Angel wrote to me about the images:

Thank you Valeria for the amazing photo shoot you did it celebrating my 60th birthday in Venice. I have no words to express our gratitude to you because even though you were on vacation on that specific week, you traveled to Venice to make me happy. We have worked together doing excellent photography for the last 4 years, but I can tell you this is the best album, so beautiful, delicate, full of passion and love.I give thank God because you are in our lives and because you are our lovely Italian friend.
Elsie & Angel your Miami friends

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Romantic Couple Portraits in Venice at Christmas

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